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'This must be an abandoned theme park!' :iconreluin:Reluin 658 29 The alien was named Calvin... :iconjoehalcyon92:JoeHalcyon92 1 0 Art Test :icondiscountbinninja:DiscountBinNinja 4 1 LOZOC WIP-Desert Moblin :iconinkblot-rabbit:Inkblot-Rabbit 14 4 Kanovs of the West :iconshabazik:Shabazik 40 28 Impianus (Ominous Rat) :iconrattlerjones:RattlerJones 4 0 On the Outskirts of Hyrule :iconinkblot-rabbit:Inkblot-Rabbit 33 7 Boggy, Maug :iconlevel9drow:Level9Drow 48 14 Tekona the orc :iconbaby-crow:Baby-Crow 3 0 Cyclops, Giant III :iconkingovrats:KingOvRats 40 10 Kuri and the Devil Trolls :icontatsunokoori:TatsuNoKoori 9 0 Chaotic Scouts, Assemble :icontatsunokoori:TatsuNoKoori 7 3 From the Deep :iconvirtualmessiah:VirtualMessiah 46 12 mechanical ram skull :iconmissmonster:missmonster 765 57 Wyvern bottle :iconmissmonster:missmonster 109 8 Witchy kitchen collection :iconmissmonster:missmonster 199 15


I wish they would release Oblivion for PS4. Skyrim is good and all, but the lack of traditional zombies, the fact it's a freezing wasteland, and the whole "you're a super special dragonborn" thing kind of gets old. Or they could release "The Dark Mod" for PS4!
Hoping to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 soon.
Trump has been found to have been in contact with the Russian ambassador.
So, TWO of Trump's lackeys have been finagling with Russia. When will enough be enough and people overthrow this Manchurian candidate?
Trump's Russia connection is shown more and more everyday, even as he dismantles the school system and turns our country into a fascist dictatorship. Someone must stop him by any means necessary.
I guess I shouldn't be too upset, but I need to vent. You see, the day after my depression post, my cousin decided to take me out to get a burger. She promised to take me to a local Halloween fair, too, but she didn't. She did drive me to Wal-Mart to buy some cheap movies. These movies my family promised to watch with me. They did watch one with me, but it was "It" which ended halfway through the story the book tells. I did get driven to the comic book store to buy some Dungeons and Dragons figures, but nobody wants to play with me. My family said they would bUT they didn't.  I also told my mom a few months back that I had a pain in my gums, but she wouldn't take me to the oral surgeon that the dentist proscribed six months ago. SO I went again today and it turns out I have gingivitis. Thanks for the vote of confidence, mom. To top it all  off with a cherry on the shit sundae, I had a raging headache on Halloween, my favorite holiday, and my dad screamed at me for sleeping in, causing my head to hurt insanely bad. We got into an argument, which my mom won't sid e with me in anymore because she's tired of my dad yelling at her when she defends me. So, yeah, feeling a wee bit PISSED THE FUCK OFF.



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Appreciating you liking the image that depicts my very 1st dream where The Eye, the mischievous sentient gemstone from Thief series, appears in its glory (yea right).
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If you are interested I have also a Facebook page where I upload sketches, WIPs, previews and other stuff unposted here: 
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If you'd like to take a look, even just a "like" would be much appreciated :)
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