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I wonder if there are any youtube willing to do a reading of CWCollateral.
I actually called the home phone number of Neil Manke of Black Widow Games, who made They Hunger. He didn't answer, but his voice mail says it's him, and if he was dead, then he wouldn't have a phone number still.
Putin needs to die for helping with that genocide in Aleppo.
I can't believe a Russian dictator can just up and hack into our elections, our Democracy itself, the most sacred thing in the American government, and instill a Manchurian candidate, and nobody seems to be outraged enough to get mad about it.
Crazy stuff going on at home that is too private to share here. Just happy I have a good story and fine art to keep me sane.
I guess I shouldn't be too upset, but I need to vent. You see, the day after my depression post, my cousin decided to take me out to get a burger. She promised to take me to a local Halloween fair, too, but she didn't. She did drive me to Wal-Mart to buy some cheap movies. These movies my family promised to watch with me. They did watch one with me, but it was "It" which ended halfway through the story the book tells. I did get driven to the comic book store to buy some Dungeons and Dragons figures, but nobody wants to play with me. My family said they would bUT they didn't.  I also told my mom a few months back that I had a pain in my gums, but she wouldn't take me to the oral surgeon that the dentist proscribed six months ago. SO I went again today and it turns out I have gingivitis. Thanks for the vote of confidence, mom. To top it all  off with a cherry on the shit sundae, I had a raging headache on Halloween, my favorite holiday, and my dad screamed at me for sleeping in, causing my head to hurt insanely bad. We got into an argument, which my mom won't sid e with me in anymore because she's tired of my dad yelling at her when she defends me. So, yeah, feeling a wee bit PISSED THE FUCK OFF.



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