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Saw Ghostbusters today. I liked it better than the original!
Sorry if I seem exasperated in my previous two posts. But Chris' life is in danger, and the cops are living up to the stereotype of being brutish morons.
FUCKING REDNECK CUNTS! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I tried calling the Ruckersville police department for the umpteenth FUCKING TIME and they still give me bullshit excuses on why they aren't sending an ambulance to Chris' home or informing his mom of his life threatening infection! I had to call the FUCKING FBI, FOR FUCKS SAKE! I told the FBI about both Chris' infection, how I have been calling the cops for months about Chris' declining mental and physical health, and I MADE SURE TO TELL THEM OF THOSE REDNECK CUNTS' POLICE MISCONDUCT!
Holy Shit. Chris-Chan has a massive infected wound which he refuses to go see a doctor for. He thinks he's just growing a vagina. I called the Ruckersville police department and let them know about Chris and his declining mental and physical health. They said they were going to send an officer and an ambulance to his home. I asked not to be called back and be notified because it's 1:09 AM in New Hampshire and I don't won't to wake my parents and get in trouble. I told them about the CWCKI and that there's pictures of the wound Chris put up. I can only hope that the Ruckersville police department get off their fat fucking asses for once and actually give Chris medical and mental health. Fucking lazy-ass ignorant southerner hicks.
I just wanted to post this for remembrance: in the very first Tak and the power of Juju game, in the level where you get the chicken suit, there's a secret cave with a painting of a "chizoo" a small dog with a chimpanzee's head. I always looked for more information on it, but couldn't find out anything. Was it a meme? An inside joke? A concept for a Juju god?


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